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Hi, I'm Jane Abbate!


I have succeeded as an executive and entrepreneur and have been richly blessed throughout my life. Like most people,

 I’ve tried my best, endured my share of stumbles and failures, picked myself up, and started over. Setbacks came, people messed with my life, and I fell back into old habits, heartbreaks, and disappointments.

Finally, I made the decision to live the best life possible. My hopes and dreams were big, seemingly impossible. I prayed. I took small steps, then bigger ones. People guided me, listened to, and taught me. The challenge to keep my thoughts and emotions under control and to maintain focus and discipline was constant. Through hard work and the support of many people, I changed, healed, and grew to become who I am today: fulfilled, loving, spirit-filled, confident, and full of joy.  

My life changed for the better. I did too. So can you!

Let me come alongside you to equip and encourage you to build the mindset, skills, and habits that lead to YOUR good life. I'd be honored if you would call me, My Mentor Jane. When you’re ready to commit, I’m here, ready to make a difference.


Grow, be free, unlock your potential, discover hope, experience love. Let’s do life together!

P.S. If you'd like more details about me, feel free to download my resume!

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